A Book of Untruths
A memoir by Miranda Doyle

"Swim" - the truth behine lie 35?

Explore extra material and alternative opinions relating to chapter thirty-five of A Book of Untruths, a memoir by Miranda Doyle.


- The truth behind lie 35? -


One of our school masters helped the girls administer birthday baths.  One day he insisted, because our swimsuits would get wet, that we – only the girls – swim naked.  There is a photo taken from the 1979 school magazine with a child’s bare bottom.  But unfortunately it’s not possible to show it here, or in the book for legal reasons.  Apologies.

News clipping from the Aberdeen Press and Journal about accusations of sex crimes against a former member of staff at the school.  If you are affected by any of the material here, and you would like to speak about your time in care, the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry would like to hear from anyone who is affected.  They want very much for you to feel safe.