A Book of Untruths
A memoir by Miranda Doyle


Reviews for Miranda Doyle's A Book of Untruths and links to listen to audio / video content.


Reviews and reactions, for readers and listeners

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Stitching up our Mouths

READ: The Sunday Mail

'Speaking out makes me feel terrified but I know now I wasn’t alone.'

READ: The Irish Times

'Dazzling ... ablaze with veracity'

LISTEN: Start the Week

With Andrew Marr, Robert Le Page, Andrew O'Hagan and Rebecca Stott

READ: Guardian

Barbara Ellen: '... this isn't even close to being the most disturbing passage in the memoir - with Doyle challenging the reader to stick with her tense, candid, sage testimony to the last unsettling, rewarding word.

READ: Evening Standard

Daisy Dunn: 'Sentimentality and sensational over-indulgence' are on her list of what makes a bad memoir.  She is guilty of neither.'

LISTEN: Cambridge 105

Interview with Leigh Chambers on Bookmark

Interview with Liz Kelly and Jane Menczer, author of An Unlikely Agent for Radio Cambridge 105

LISTEN: Radio Gorgeous 

The irreverent Radio Gorgeous. Brilliant Donna Freed and I talking about the shit shame and a big Megillah.

READ: Book Riot

'With self-deprecating humour and fierce candour Doyle relates how lies impacted ...'

LISTEN: Monocle Art Review

June's best books with Cathy Rentzenbrink, author of The Last Act of Love, Sarah Shaffi of The Bookseller, and Matt Alagiah


Imogen Russell Williams on Tricks of Recorded Memory.

LISTEN: Audible Version

Me reading the Audible version, only made possible with the help of brilliant producer Cherry Cookson of Wireless Theatre.  Faced with what I'd written I struggled to speak aloud the words.