A Book of Untruths
A memoir by Miranda Doyle

About Miranda Doyle, the author

A Book of Untruths is a memoir by Miranda Doyle. Find out more about the author.


The Author

Miranda Doyle, in her own words... 


Represented by the brilliant Anna Webber of United Agents, and published by the very best kind of editor, Mitzi Angel at Faber & Faber

Aside from writing, or diverting myself from how hard it is to write a working sentence, I am PA to the Herchel Smith Professor of Molecular Genetics in Cambridge. Shamefully I’ve rarely had paid work in any other capacity. The great thing about secretarial work is that there’s never any risk of being found out.

In fact the only reason I did a degree was because no-one in this town, even though I had years of experience, would employ me as an administrator without one.  But for their ignorance I would never have had the courage to learn. 

While there was still the funding for hourly paid lecturers, for a few years after graduating with distinction from Goldsmiths College, I lectured part time in the English and Philosophy Departments of Anglia Ruskin University.

Selected for the Writers' Pool in 2004, Writers' Centre Norwich Escalator Scheme in 2005 and awarded Arts Council England support in 2010 for the novel 'An Empty Quarter' I still teach creative writing. Running a course as part of the Adult Education programme at Hills Road Sixth Form College I learn as much from other writers as they ever learn from me. Talking about autobiography with philosophy students was the inspiration for this book.


With thanks to Norman Ullathorne for his beautiful line drawings and those perfect numbers for my truth grid.  Thank you to Victoria Izat and to Lucy Husband for being so generous with their memories,  to Al Downie who was amazingly thoughtful with all his ideas for this website, to Nick Barraclough for creating such lovely audio for 'Ducks' and 'Frigid'. And finally to Steve and Spencer at Mud Kitchen who have put so much work into this site.  It's just how I hoped it would be. 

Miranda Doyle