A Book of Untruths
A memoir by Miranda Doyle


A Book of Untruths, a memoir by Miranda Doyle, is a family story told through lies.

A Book of Untruths is a family story told through lies.

Each short chapter features one of these lies and each lie builds to form a picture of a life: Miranda Doyle’s life as she struggles to understand her complicated family and her own place within it.

Dive into Miranda's world and sample some lies for yourself...

Look behind the lies, explore extra material and alternative views...

Read the book... A Book of Untruths is published in hardback on 1st June.

"Unlike anything I've read.  Absolutely addictive... There's a fearlessness to Miranda Doyle's writing that is liberating, and a warmth of sensibility that keeps you with her on every page."
Bee Wilson

"A true writer's voice"
Irvine Welsh

"Extraordinary… A painfully frank yet strangely rewarding account of a terrifying childhood. A Book of Untruths is meditation on time, memory and identity that raises questions that would not seem out of place in Nabokov’s Speak, Memory or Augustine's Confessions."
John Burnside